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Petition for subway alternatives during F/G closures

The MTA has closed the Manhattan-bound 15th St and Fort Hamilton stops on the F and G line until May. Details are here.

In this freezing weather, residents of those neighborhoods should have better options than trekking to 7th Ave or riding the subway backwards in order transfer to an express-line train. Click here to sign councilman Brad Lander’s petition to extend the B68 bus past Bartel Pritchard Square until the stations are providing full service again.

As a former Windsor Terrace resident, thank you to everyone for signing!


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While I was away, I was still thinking bikes.

Wow, I look like an alien. I tried on the cool glasses next, I promise.

In other news, my mother emailed me this link about the future F express. Agurhm. Thanks, mom, but I doubt it. The latest news is that the M.T.A. is $200 million short. Oh, and this took them by surprise. A real confidence builder.

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want a little cheese with that whine?

Wow, check out how crowded this subway platform is. It must be times square at rush hour, right?

Nope, that’s Hoyt-Schermerhorn at 8pm on a Saturday.

Some of these people must have been waiting a loong time.

I also felt bad for the Parisian tourist who was clutching his neatly creased map and trying to figure out why the hell the F train wasn’t following the orange line the way he thought it would. A friendly New Yorker just looked at him and smiled — “It’s the weekend,” she said. “Nothing does what it should.”


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the transit authority that must not be named


a really well done piece of brooklyn subway art. and while waiting…and waiting…and waiting for the F train in the morning, it feels oh-so-true.

here is how this art was rendered:

mta art

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M.T.A. update

From the city room blog, here’s the latest on the M.T.A. bailout: what the mta bailout plan means for you

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The M.T.A. is expecting a $1 BILLION deficit next year, says the Times’ city room blog. And this is after raising prices and cutting service. We seriously need that bailout. Also, let’s not forget that just a few years ago the M.T.A. had a $1 billion dollar surplus.

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