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I want to make fun of these Murray Hill people but I can’t because I’m one of those Brooklyn people. I mean, I ate at Prime Meats before it was even fully open. The back room was still a garden.

Also, this past summer, I went on vacation to Oregon and we rented bikes and–oh fuck it, just watch Portlandia, it’s very funny, despite hitting too close to home. (But if close to home is local, is there such a thing as too close to home?)

So, like, I’m starting to feel kind of bad about myself. Seems like the mainstream media will pick on any neighborhood that is fun and young and cool. Shouldn’t there be nice places left where you can live in peace without someone making a mockery of you? I say we–

Oh. Hold on a sec. Did this guy just call Williamsburg “an area that was devoid of opportunities for beer”??? And is a Duane Reade going to fill that gaping hole?

I think I know which segment of the population we can all comfortably make fun of while snoozing cozily in an afghan of superiority. I feel much better now.


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