oh, the gym

As that sliver above was the only sunlight I saw last weekend, I hauled my bike up the twisty steep & narrow stairs to my apartment, resigned myself to a lot of walking and the F train bus

…and went to the gym.

This was the first time I’d gone to the gym since…the early spring. Oh dear. Of course I’ve been paying lots of money to them every month, but during those summer months I just couldn’t bring myself to go inside that place. I was biking almost every day, plus running outside. It just seemed like enough. (Of course, it probably wasn’t. I think I’m most likely in much worse shape than I was when I started biking to work.)

So, I tried to run on the treadmill. After about 5 minutes I was deadly bored. I can’t imagine anything more opposite from the fun and rush of biking through midtown traffic than running in place staring at the wall. Oh my god was I bored. I tried the stairmaster etc etc, but it was really not the most productive workout, I’ll admit.

Help! Any advice, bikers? How do you stay in shape (and stay interested) when not on the bike? I think I should probably take some of the classes, but do I need to get myself accustomed to the solitary indoor workout again? What do you all do?


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