bike ms

Today I learned that the sun is not risen at 5:50 am. Actually, I don’t know what time it does rise, since I was sitting on the subway while it happened. But by the time I met my dad in midtown at 7, the sky was light, and bikers were heading west.

I have my recycle-a-bicycle bicycle here in the city for commuting, and I keep my nice one back in my parents’ house. I know it’s a waste, but I couldn’t bear to have it stolen. Anyway, my dad drove in with the bikes, and I was happily reunited with my lovely touring bike with all its gears and its odometer and two water bottle holders (things my other ride still lacks) and we set off for the bike ms ride.


They close off the highways for the ride, so it’s much faster going than the trans alt ride, where you’re on the streets dealing with traffic and lights.

Here’s the starting line, on the west side highway. Pretty bunched up at the start, but it spreads out quickly:


IMG_6866 Emerge from the Battery tunnel and start up the east side: time for the sunglasses.

As I’ve said before, we’ve been doing these rides for a while now. When we first started doing this ride, it began at the word trade center.

I’d always biked with my family growing up, but my dad and I really started biking together the summer I signed up for a teen bike trip. It went all around hilly Vermont, and we were going to be carrying our own gear, so I was pretty nervous and wanted to train. My dad and I used to bike around our town, and every time we passed a certain pond we’d call out, “That looks just like a lovely Vermont lake!” Or some such. I guess it worked, since I got through that trip (and up some pretty steep hills) in one piece–and have been riding regularly since.

Squinting away.

Today’s ride was pretty easy. We were done before you could say “delicious bag of trail mix.” I think we should go for the 60 mile route next year.

By the way, I didn’t actively try to raise money this year. I just gave the required minimum myself. But it’s a really good cause, a really terrible disease, and if you can, I encourage you to donate, which you can still do, here.

And now, I have to include this picture, even though it’s from October 4, 2008. Let’s just pretend I took it today.


Hahahahahaha. Helmet hair.


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