the coming and going of bicycles

8.27.09 You must check out Sophie Blackall’s Missed Connections blog. I’ve been loving it for a while, but this week’s bicycle-themed post gives me good reason to mention it here.

Here’s the full text of the missed connection that the painting is based on: “Thursday, August 27, 2009
sorry your bike got stolen. its beautiful. when some guy offered it to me for 40 bucks, i didnt even think twice. i was drunk, missing my bike and figured if not me, someone else would buy it anyways. also, my bike got stolen last week. who knows, maybe you bought it for 40 bucks from some guy on the street. so if you see me riding it, feel free to say hey. maybe we could trade back. if not, you can buy it from me for 40 bucks. id buy my old bike back for 40 bucks. it was way more comfortable than this one.”

I hope my old bike is out there somewhere, getting ridden by someone. For months after it was taken I thought I’d see it around, maybe locked up in the neighborhood. I couldn’t help examining every biker that passed me, in case they were riding that gold raleigh hybrid of mine. It would be great if we could all go around the city trading back for our old, stolen bikes.


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