what I did on my summer vacation, or, why you should wear tevas

Oh damn. All of August went by and I only posted twice. Shameful. Well, #1: Bunny bunny! and #2: Goodbye, summer.

I just got back from a week of vacation on Martha’s Vineyard with my family.


Besides playing golf with Obama, etc etc, we did a lot of biking. Every year my dad and I bike across the island, from Edgartown to Gay Head, about 23 miles with a scenic ferry ride thrown in the middle. This year we had company (brother and boyfriend):


While the biking itself was perfectly lovely (we saw a pony. some cows. wild turkeys in the far distance.), the real magic began after the ride. At some point in the morning, my dad had started scheming. “I have a secret plan,” he said when we stopped for water. “I cannot tell you what it is.”

When we reached the finish line–lighthouse on a hill–it was getting a little cold and drizzly, so we decided to head home instead of staying at the beach. My mom had met us there with the car, which had a roof rack that could only fit three bikes. The plan was to stick three up on the roof, and someone would take the bus back. My boyfriend and I went down to the beach for a few minutes to dabble our toes in the ocean while my family loaded the bikes on the car. Little did I know that my father was about to put his plan into action…

Here’s a photo of my brother and father, going about their devilish scheme:


And, tah dah! Yup, that’s right. That’s four bikes up there. View the bike that was attached to the car with merely a backback and a teva*:


That bike that’s facing towards us is the renegade. The green blob you can see is the crucial backback. To be fair, there was also a sweatshirt used to secure the bike, plus a second teva, up front.

When I came back and discovered that this was how we planned on driving back, I thought that for sure we’d end up with a bike tumbling off our roof and maybe impaling a cow. But it worked out okay.

*yes I linked to the teva website. after what that shoe did for us, they totally deserve it.


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