just because i haven’t been posting doesn’t mean i haven’t been riding

I mean, it’s been some serious summer these past few weeks. I’ve been biking to work, biking to parties, biking to the park, and not really blogging. At all. Ah well.

To catch up a bit:

A friend send me this fantastic link, comparing a 2003 NY bike map to one from 2009. yayyy. Look how the red line around Central Park has turned green! So great.

When I started biking to work last summer, there was no reasonable crosstown route leading from the Brooklyn Bridge to the west side bike path. You had to go along Chambers, which is a complete horror for any biker who doesn’t like dodging and fighting their way along the street.

And I don’t think the fully separated 9th Avenue bike lane was in place yet. Anyone know when that first opened?
Man, what else… The closing of Times Square was a crazy un-dreamt dream. The Broadway bike line was unheard of. And there are all sorts of Brooklyn lanes that I take so for granted now that I can’t even remember when they weren’t there. So for all the whining that I do, NY’s come a long way.

Plus, ever wonder which is faster, biking or taking the subway? Transportation Alternatives has a yearly race in which three commuters (one on bicycle, one in car, one on subway) race to work. The bike always wins. However, that’s not such a surprise, considering it’s sponsered by TransAlt.

But last night, my friend missed the last metronorth train and asked to spend the night on my couch. We traveled back to Brooklyn separately, me on bike, her by train. When we split up, I had a ways to go to get back to where I’d left my bike. And still, I cruised up to my door just as she did. All the speed (haha) of the F train, none of the hot&stinky.


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