these boots: a dialogue

Walking to the subway this morning, wearing a skirt and my sensible rain boots:

Nice Young Italian Man With Glossy Black Hair Holding Coffee Cup: Hey, why are you wearing those boots today?

[I turn.]

Man: It’s a hot day. You got to wear sandals, let your little* toes out, have some sun…

Me: But what if it rains?**

Man: If it rains? [Throws his arms wide open; grins.] I’ll carry you!

*I’m not sure he actually called my toes “little.” My toes, anyway, are actually quite long and well jointed, though he could not have known that, as I was wearing rain boots.

**There is a 40% chance of rain today. After years of having wet, soggy, socks, or of ruining nice work shoes, I bought a pair of rain boots in June. It has changed my life.


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