my commute sucks (.com)

Wow, looking at some of the posts on this new site,, I’ve started thinking that my subway commute doesn’t suck all that much after all. (And I already know that my bike commute is pretty awesome.) But no! I must hold on to all that bitter self-righteousness that every New York subway rider has earned–that every F train rider has truly earned! What about all those signs that the MTA put up (but only in midtown, not bothering to put them in our silly Brooklyn stations) declaring that there would be reduced F train service…at rush hour? What about when you’re waiting and waiting and then the train shows up, packed too full for you to get on it? What about the benches that only smelly homeless guys and rats are willing to use? What about… yeah, forget it. Look at this:

6:00 A.M., wake up, kiss wife, brush teeth.
6:30 A.M. pull out of driveway to get in the line of cars waiting to leave my little piece of the ADP (America Dream Pie).
6:45 enter my cities traffic grid.
6:45-7:00 complete the first mile of my daily Odyssey–waiting patiently as all the other schmos leave their little piece of the ADP.
7:20 A.M. we’re onto our second mile now, the real mid point of the trip when, per usual, like ticking of the GR’s clock (Grim Reaper) I am struck by the amazing fact that little Timothy Sanderson, on his very own big wheel, is making more progress on his daily commute to kindergarten then I could ever hope to achieve.

It will be a sad day when they take that big wheel away.

Now at this point in my day, if I’m lucky, right around 7:40 things start to loosen up, but this is only on a very good day. On a more regular day, my 7:40-8:10 slot is occupied by the commuters side show: a texting teen and a wrecked 1994 Ford Taurus.

I arrive at my job, five miles from my home, an hour and a half after leaving it. Tired, confused, and alone.

This is terribly sad.

But an hour and a half to go five miles?

There’s gotta be another way.


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