national bike to work day

…is today! Though I really didn’t see all that many more bikers out on the streets than usual.

Transportation Alternatives had a table at the Brooklyn tower of the bridge. They were giving out apples, power bars, coffee, and lots of pamphlets. They were very friendly. In fact, it sounded exactly like they had just come from a meeting where someone informed them that bikers love to talk about their commutes and told them to “ask questions!” and “get people talking!” I was asked twice where I worked. I was asked where I was coming from and what my route was. And you know what? I love talking about my commute. I really did launch into the whole thing about how sometimes I take the west side bike path and sometimes I take 8th avenue and…. Then I asked my interrogator what her bike commute was like. “I work from home,” she said.


But a friendly interaction in the morning really does make a difference. It totally sets the mood for the rest of the ride and for the day. It’s not like on the subway, where if you run into someone you know you’re stuck making yawn-filled small talk for the next thirty minutes, until you transfer to the express just so that you can sit down and read your book. (I’m sure I’m not the only one who does that, right?) When you’re biking you can have a quick smile, a quick conversation, and move on. That’s nice. So yeah, I’d be happy if TA volunteers were out there every morning to cheer me on and ask me questions from a script.


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