Mine That Bird!

Yesterday was a beautiful saturday. I biked up to the park with a couple of friends.
and then… derby time.
We headed to the OTB on 5th ave. After waiting on long lines, I finally managed to bet the big bucks. Yup, a whole $20. I felt confident. Friesan Fire was sure to win as redemption for the tragedy of eight belles, right? (Wrong.)
People were looking good.
img_5424 img_5425
After the OTB we headed to the Bell House.
Lots of finery (sadly, I missed getting a photo of the girl with a big pink pony on her hat) but the line to get in stretched around the block. I sampled the super-sweet derby pie before ditching the party for the big screen tv at a friend’s house.

Though I lost all the money I’d bet officially, I did manage to scam my friends out of four bucks. Nice.


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